Design Science

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Dr Kevin Walker
Designer, researcher and writer

Kevin’s research covers mobile and pervasive technologies, anthropology, and interaction design. As well as a Visiting Fellow at London Knowledge Lab, he is Head of the new Information Experience Design programme at the Royal College of Art. Twitter @Kevin7

Recent research projects include:

2012, Spike Island, Caper, University of Warwick
Aimed to bring computational thinking, agile methodology, physical computing & arts analytics to a diverse arts organisation.

The Silent Network
2011, UAL, British Library
Investigated ways to visualise knowledge and support collaboration and interactions in the Library

Re-designing airport security
2011, UAL, CPNI
Explored technology, communications, and design of the security checkpoint.

Designing With Intent: lnfluencing behaviour in transitional spaces
2010–11, University of the Arts (UAL), Kings College London, Ministry of Defense

e-Science Usability
2007–9, London Knowledge Lab (LKL(, Sussex, Nottingham
Developing e-science communities using mobile and sensor technologies, photo stories.

Designing for Technology-Enhanced Learning in Museums
2007, Intermedia Oslo, LKL, Limerick, Umea

Village e-Science for Life
2006–9, LKL, Imperial College London, Leeds, Bradford, University of Nairobi

Pedagogical Planner for Learning Analysis and Design
2006–8, LKL, Oxford, London Met

Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence in Technology Enhanced Learning
2004–7, 80 partners led by LKL and CNRS, FR

Visitor-constructed museum trails
2003–10, PhD research