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MetaboLight interactive exhibit for UCL Dept of Medical Physics and Bioengineering

Jul 2017

As part of the Wellcome Trust funded public engagement project to communicate new research by Ilias Tachsidis‘s team at UCL’s Dept of Medical Physics and Bioengineering, we have designed and built this interactive display that will appear in Science Festivals across the UK. The display first appeared at Norwich Science Festival in October 2017.

See MetaboLight brand identity.
See MetaboLight film (work in progress)

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Full view of the display built out of modular units. The whole display can be flat-packed and fitted into 2 large boxes for easy transportation


Our digital render of the exhibit, showing how visitors will be able to participate and interact

The stand being set up at Norwich Science Festival

The stand in action

It provides space for interactive demonstrations as well as informational panels

Close up of one of the panels